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If you are about to or have decided to be more eco-conscious, we applaud you. Several lifestyle changes will aid this great decision but installing a solar panel system for your home is by far one of the most effective. In this article, we highlight essential facts on solar energy and why it is an eco-friendly choice. Please read on.

Using solar energy is the best way to reduce your household’s dependency on traditional energy generation, including fossil fuels. The resulting carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from conventional energy are harmful to the environment and deplete nonrenewable energy sources. The decision to go solar will not only assure your contribution to the earth’s greening, but it will also allow you access to more energy potential. You can power your household effectively during the day and night.

 How does Solar Power Work?

Solar power is derived from solar panels, which are made of semiconducting materials like silicone. The photovoltaic cells that exist between layers of these semiconducting materials let off electrons when light shines on them, causing an electrical current to flow.

Monocrystalline panels have a single silicon crystal as their main component and are mostly used for solar panels. Due to the single consecutive crystal, monocrystalline solar panels are more effective at producing more energy. A combination of solar cells is called a solar panel, and linked solar panels are called solar arrays. While most solar panels are installed on rooftops, they can also be installed on walls or on the ground. This would be done by fitting solar tiles. On the cost side, solar tile systems are less cost-effective as they usually cost around twice as much as a panel system. Inverters are installed alongside solar panels, and this converts the electricity generated from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), and it is this current that powers household appliances.

Benefits of Using Solar Power in Your Household

Solar Power is Cost-Efficient

Once solar panels are installed, homeowners can expect to have reduced energy costs. As your reliance on the national grid reduces, so do your electricity bills. This lowers household costs overall. Also, maintenance is straightforward, and you can even negotiate a deal where routine maintenance is part of the installation cost.

Having Solar Power makes you Self-Reliant

Since your power is generated through your panels and the sun hitting them, it is totally within your control. Blackouts are not uncommon so having solar power in your home ensures you are less vulnerable to these occurrences. Price instability with energy costs can also be overwhelming, but having solar power shields you from it.

Solar Power is Readily Available

Solar power remains one of the most accessible renewable energy sources as it comes directly from the sun. Even during cloudy days, your solar panels can still get solar energy to power your home. With your solar inverter, you can still store excess energy for future use.

Solar Power is Eco-efficient

As a renewable energy source, solar power is eco-friendly. By using solar power, you are doing your quota in reducing your household’s carbon footprint and teaching your family more sustainable habits.

Magitek Energy Solutions Inc is a renewable energy company with over 25 years of experience in powering homes and businesses. If you are looking at switching to solar power or would like to upgrade or carry out routine maintenance on your solar panel, reach out to us for a free consultation.