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Buying a house is a huge decision, and there are several issues to think on before making this bold investment. For some people, features like already-installed solar panels are a win, but if you are skeptical about this, this post is for you.

You may have questions about how much of a good idea it is to buy a house with solar panels, or if the extra cost is worth it. This article addresses these concerns; read on to learn more.

Why Choose A Home with Pre-Installed Solar Panels?

Reduced Costs

Buying a house with an already installed and active solar panel is a wise decision. When the house has already been fitted with solar panels, it saves you from the stress of buying, paying to have them fixed, and testing them. You get to avoid the hunting phase, where you have to decide which brand best fits the house. This means avoiding the high upfront cost and stress of exploring solar panels and installation.

Lesser Utility Bills

Having already installed solar panels will have you enjoy a drastic reduction in utility bills. If the solar panel solely powers the house, you may be able to avoid any other power cost. And even if you cannot entirely rely on the panels, the cost for alternative power sources will be significantly lesser.


Solar panels are durable and cost-effective when it comes to aftercare and maintenance. This is because solar panels do not need constant and cost-intensive care unless the house is in a dusty area. You do not have to worry about rain as it keeps it clean. Even if you need to do any major maintenance work, you would most likely not have to worry about costs because most solar panels come with a long-term warranty. If you purchase the house within this timeframe, the company will carry out any major maintenance for free.

Sale Value

If you ever have to put your property back on the market, it will be valued better because of the pre-installed solar panels. Houses with already installed solar panels have a significantly increased resale value. Solar power is getting more favored for its advantage to health and the planet, and you can expect that in years to come, houses with solar power will be even better valued on the market.

Tax Benefits

Using solar power is even supported by the government. You may be eligible for certain tax and cost cuts by choosing renewable energy options for your home such as solar power.


Having to depend on unreliable power providers is extremely frustrating. With weather changes and supply chain problems, electricity supply can be inconsistent. Losing power in your home will drive things to a halt and this issue puts you at the mercy of factors outside your control. With already installed solar panels, you are insulated from such problems without extra costs.

For the above reasons, buying a house with already installed solar panels is a great decision. The extra cost may make the purchase value higher, but it is a worthy investment to make. As a safety measure, you may consult a qualified solar energy installer to ensure the health of the panels coming with your new home. If all is tested and proven to be in a good functional state, you are good to go!

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