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The potential is fantastic when you rely on solar energy for your home, office or industrial facility. To maximize that potential, it’s essential that you use quality solar equipment – solar panels, solar mounting rails, microinverters. Equally important, however, is that your solar system installation is done correctly.

Will your solar panels stand up to the test of time? Will they endure everything that Mother Nature sends their way – wind, rain, snow, sleet, cold and heat? To a significant degree, the answer to this question depends on the quality of installation of a solar energy system.

Fortunately, Magitek Energy Solutions, Inc., has the highest qualifications installing solar energy systems. In the entire country, there are only slightly more than 39 UL Certified technicians with the factory training to install solar energy systems properly, and we are the only one in the state of Illinois. A UL Certification requires a minimum of five years experience as an electrician and another five years installing solar energy systems. Magitek has the certification, experience and more.

More than sturdy, a solar energy system installed by Magitek Energy Solutions, Inc., operates at its full potential. Solar panels are mounted on roofs without creating leaks or other problems. Installation of a solar energy system by Magitek Energy Solutions, Inc., are according to manufacturer’s specifications and meet the requirements of all codes and ordinances, as well as warranties.

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