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Solar Energy is finally affordable. Prices for a solar energy system – which will allow you to harness the most abundant energy source on the planet – are at a historical low. Coupled with generous Federal and State rebates, the time to take advantage of the amazing value solar power offers is now.

Will solar work for me?

Some of the most important considerations are:


How much does a PV solar energy system cost?

Each system is based on how much energy you use in a12-month period. A 10-panel system starts at approximately$12K.

Guide to Going Solar

How much energy will I save on my utility bills?

Ideally, we design your system so that you will not have to pay for an electric bill year-round excluding customer charges and taxes.

Do I need to have south-facing exposure to have a solar array?

Although southern exposure increases the effectiveness of a residential solar energy system, your home will still work for solar
power without having south-facing exposure. Seek advice from our professional designer to ensure success.

How much can I save with incentives?

The federal tax credit, which is based on the total purchase price of your system, allows you to reduce the amount of federal taxes you owe.  The current rate is now 26% through 2022 and will drop to 22% in 2023. The Illinois SREC program, also known as the Adjustable Block Program (ABP) and branded as Illinois Shines, will help you save as much as 60% on the price of a system.

What other factors are important to consider when installing a PV solar energy system in our area?

Note if there are any obstructions or shading on your roof. This could dramatically affect the performance of your system.

How much maintenance do PV solar panels require?

PV solar panels require little or no maintenance—no need to wash or dust.

Will I need a building permit to install a PV solar energy system?

Yes. A building permit must be obtained to install your solar array. Similarly, building, electrical and plumbing codes also apply. Most jurisdictions have codes that embrace solar energy.

How do I know which installer to go with?

Be sure to inquire about the installer’s certifications. Also ask for references.