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There’s never a bad time to have a solar energy system on the roof of your Antioch home. If the solar panels are up there, they’re soaking in the sunlight and turning it into energy. Correspondingly, they’re casting a protective shield over your wallet.

One of the best times to collect solar energy with your Antioch solar panels is the summer. In the summertime, the days are longer. There’s more sunlight and more opportunities for your solar panels to do their magic.

June 20 is the longest day of this year. No, it’s still 24 hours. But in the Northern hemisphere, where you’ll find Antioch, it’s the day with the longest period between sunrise and sunset. On this glorious day, the sun rises at 5:17 a.m. and sets at 8:34 p.m. That means we have 15 hours and 17 minutes of daylight.

Following June 20, each day gets a little shorter. But, not to worry, we have an entire summer of extended daylight to enjoy. This is the kind of thing that will keep your solar panels busy and your wallet happy. Of course, that depends on whether you have a solar energy system on your Antioch home.

If you don’t have a solar energy system, maybe you should consider getting one.

If you need any additional incentive, consider that you still have access to Federal Solar Tax Credits that you can use to defer 26 percent of the cost of your solar energy system against your 2020 taxes. If you wait until next year, that figure drops to 22 percent. Additionally, those having a solar energy system installed on their home can recoup 30-40% of the total cost from state incentives.

To summarize: now is a good time to have a solar energy system installed on your Antioch roof because:

  • Federal and state programs designed to reduce the costs of installation
  • You can reduce your utility bills
  • Reduce your dependence on the utility companies
  • Take advantage when daylight’s burning